There are several dietary stuff that control the loss and also help the growth of new hair

Hair loss is our most common problem these days. It can affect the personality of both men and women. Hair loss and loss of many causes, including hormonal imbalance, less active thyroid gland, undernourishment and insufficient blood circulation in the scalp, air pollution, some medical conditions or medicines, scalp inflammation and aging. However, if you start losing hair loss more than usual, it is time to take care of yourself, so you can prevent further deterioration. There are many nutrients that control the damage and also help in the development of new hair follicles.

Diet for healthy hair growth

Biotin Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin. Keratin is the basic protein that builds your hair, skin and nails, and biotin improves the level of keratin in the body. It is responsible for the development and increase the amount of hair. Biotin feeds Rome and protects them from fragility or silence. Hair loss due to biotin should change color or thin. Therefore, include adequate biotin in the diet egg, is the best source of biotin. Whole grains such as upscale oats, millet and tides are also a good source of biotin.

Omega 3 fatty acids – Omega 3 fatty acids promotes moisturizing of your hair and scalp. This food substance is also present in cells that line the scalp, so it is important to include these healthy fats in your diet. So your diet including walnuts, almonds and nuts, such as soybeans, fish, avocados, healthy pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and seeds.

Protein – The most important components of strong health hair is protein. It is made primarily of a protein called amino acids, so adequate amounts of protein should be consumed on a daily basis. So take the correct protein and keep your hair strong. So take adequate amounts of beans, beans, chicken, fish, eggs and dairy products in your diet.

Iron – Iron ensures that your hair is healthy by providing oxygen. Anemia can occur due to low iron levels, a major cause of loss. The hair follicles are nourished with nutrients rich in blood supply with the help of iron, because iron supplies nutrients to the cells. Source of iron – red meat, spinach, beet, apple, cauliflower, Bengal gram (wheat flour) and pulses.

Vitamin A: Hair is the fastest tissue in the body, and vitamin A is needed for each cell growth. Vitamin A is against as an antioxidant that damages the free radicals and other factors responsible for the security of your hair Rome. Vitamins are the best source A. Carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, broccoli, cheese, mango, sugar beets etc ..

Vitamin E Vitamin E is a necessary nutrient for skin care and hair. Helps build and repair tissues and also protects hair from sun damage and environmental pollution. Nuts are the best source of vitamin E so that they include nuts in your diet, walnuts, pistachio nuts and other nuts. Olive oil, avocado, sunflower oil and linseed oil are also good alternatives to vitamin E,

Vitamin C-iron and vitamin C are two types of nutrients that are best in combination with each other. Eating foods rich in vitamin C will allow iron absorption in the body. So add table salt, strawberries, oranges, tomatoes, guava, lemon and green leafy vegetables to your diet.

The benefits of yoghurt is that it is the best medicine to treat your hair problems. Being rich in vitamin B5 and calcium, it helps to take care of your hair. At least with skimmed milk, cheese, low-fat cheese like other dairy products to improve the health of hair help Rome. The curd, whether cooked or eaten internally, is useful for your group.

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